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THE ULTIMATE INFORMATION SITE site was developed to offer information for anyone who is interested in showing wethers. We have articles on urinary calculi, exercising your wether, how to tell the age by teeth, facilities, equipment, supplies, for sale, trimming hooves, show schedules, showmanship, and several other articles that we have obtained permission to use from the authors.

Questions to ask when buying a Wether

    1. Have they been started on manufactured show feed? Ask for the name of the show feed then you can check to see if that feed is a complete feed, such as intimidator, terminator, ful o pep, ect, there are so many now. Plus you need to make sure that the feed has monesin (Rumensin) or deccox in it for the coccidiosis prevention. Our wethers have creep feed available from the day they are born. We like rumensin or monesin better than deccox, our kids and does seem to look and gain weight and growth much better.
    2. Has the wether been dehorned or tipped. Most judges do not like tipped horns and we believe the wethers just look prettier without those horns plus it is much safer without them for kids. I believe that a lot of energy goes into growing the horns instead of the kid, so my personal belief it is better to have them dehorned.
    3. Have the wethers had the minimum of their first shots? They should have their first shots no earlier than 2 1/2 to 3 months due to goats immune systems are different than other animals. First shots should include CD&T and Pneumonia, for example we use Convexin 8 (CDT) and Super Poly bac (pneumonia). If the breeder has only given the first shot then ask them to provide the name of the vaccine or to provide you with the next shot. You should not switch vaccines for instance, if they are vaccinated with Convexin 8 then they need to be vaccinated the 2nd time with Convexin 8.
    4. Have they been banded or will they be banded by the breeder? If the breeder has banded them, ask at what age they were banded, banding prior to 3 months of age might increase the risk of urinary calculi.
    5. When were they last wormed, with what wormer and have they been wormed on a regular schedule? Ask for the dates. White wormers such as valbazan only get tape worms so you want to make sure that the prospect has been wormed regularly with a product like Ivermectin or Cydectin. Please watch the withdrawal time on any wormers and make sure to follow the directions or ask your veterinarian.

We are here to provide the 4-H and FFA member with information in the selection, feeding, management, showing, exercise and health of their show wethers. If we are unable to answer a question you may have, we have a large network of people who may be able to help.

We would like to thank the following people for their assistance and permision for using information on these web pages:

Richard V. Machen, Associate Professor and Extension Livestock Specialist, Texas Cooperative Extension / Texas A&M University System Education:B.S. Angelo State University,1981; M.S. Texas A&M University, 1984; Ph.D. Texas A&M University,1987

Dr. Toby L. Lepley, PhD, Assistant Professor, Extension 4-H and Youth Development Specialist, State Learning Strategies Coordinator, Texas Cooperative Extension

Lori McBryde, Department of Animal Science, NCSU Animal Science Department.

Above you can see the quality of
show wethers that can be found
This is an example of the show wethers we breed and raise. The above wether won the U.S. International Boer Goat wether show. Congrats to Chelsea.
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