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Show Wether Facilities and Equipment


Fence height should be at least 42 inches to keep goats from attempting to jump. Fences should be predator proof. If using net wire fences, 12-inch mesh should be used rather than 6-inch mesh to keep goats from hanging their heads in the wire. The most desirable pens are constructed from galvanized livestock panels that are 5 feet tall with 4-inch squares.


Self-feeders are often used in the feeding of goats. Self-feeders should be blocked at least 6 inches off the ground. If goats are hand fed, use movable troughs that hang on the fence at the appropriate height. Troughs should be hung at the same height as the top of the shoulder of the goat being fed. These movable troughs need to be taken down and cleaned regularly. Likewise, hay and mineral feeders need to be raised off the ground. This will help reduce the spread of disease. It also is important to make sure that goats are unable to stand in their feed troughs because they will urinate or defecate on the feed.

Water containers

Fresh water is the most important ingredient in feeding show wethers. Water should be checked daily. Water troughs should be small in size so they can be drained and cleaned on a regular basis. Troughs should be located in the shade to keep water cool. In the hot summer months, some goats tend to drink too much water and appear “full.” Water should never be totally removed from the goat. However, rationing water prior to a show will help remove the belly from the goat and improve its appearance in the show ring. Remember, do not dehydrate your goat. The proper amount of fluids is vital to the feel and condition of your goat.


To properly feed and exhibit a club goat, it is necessary to have the following additional equipment:

• stiff brush to clean water troughs;
• shovel to clean pens;
• scales to weigh goats, most FFA and/or 4-H clubs will have scales 
  that can be used to weigh with 
• trimming table that measures 45 inches long by 20 inches wide and  
  18 inches tall;
• electric clippers with 20- and 23-tooth combs and cutters
• small animal grooming clippers;
• syringes and needles;
• goat blankets and/or socks;
• show chains, collars and/or halters;
• hoof trimmers;
• drench gun;
• small portable feed troughs;
• soft brush for grooming;
• water bucket.

You may want the following optional equipment if you are exhibiting several goats at major shows:

• show box to hold equipment;
• hot air blower or dryer;
• extension cords;
• muzzles;
• electric fans.

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Updated 09/12/2009